Dynasty Report for Week 14 (Fantasy Football)

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Welcome to the Weekly Dynasty Report!

Dynasty Fantasy Football is not for the faint of heart. It requires dedication, commitment, and research throughout the entire year to work towards the ultimate Fantasy Football reward…a Dynasty Championship.

Throughout this season, I’ll be taking a look at the previous week’s games and dissecting them from a Dynasty perspective. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of Dynasty Fantasy Football, this article is for you.

Let’s start building our championship rosters.

Dynasty Tip Of The Week

Take Inventory.

Very few teams are left in the Dynasty playoffs at this point. My hope is that you’re one of them, but I know there’s a strong contingent of readers that are left watching the final matchups of the season.

If you’re one of the teams on the outside looking in, you have an advantage over your teammates. You have the opportunity to take inventory of your roster in preparation for this offseason.

One of the most beneficial moves you can make to separate yourself from the rest of your league is to analyze your roster and look ahead.

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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Going into this offseason, you need to sit down and ask yourself the following questions…

  • What is the current state of my Dynasty team?
  • What positions would I classify as a strength?
  • What positions would I classify as a weakness?
  • What players are heading into Free Agency and could see their situation change for the better?
  • What players are close to trending downward? Can I trade any of these pieces in the offseason for draft capital?

These questions allow you to get ahead of your competition and be more prepared heading into the offseason. They allow you to know which positions you need to address or which positions you can afford to pull from as trade compensation. If you have 8 good-to-great wideouts, but 3 decent running backs…you should be willing to pull from those wideouts and trade them for a running back to balance out your team.

Like I said in the intro, Dynasty is not for the faint of heart and it takes commitment…preparation for next season starts now. Don’t fall behind.

Dynasty Stock Report
Stock Up: Robert Woods – Los Angeles Rams, WR

Before Sunday, Robert Woods did not have a receiving touchdown on the season.

Over the last two games though, Woods has been unstoppable.

Woods’ Dynasty stock couldn’t have been much lower just a few weeks ago. However, he’s shot back into relevance the past two weeks and has most likely carried your team into the Fantasy Playoffs.

Woods is tied to Goff, which can be a roller coaster ride week to week, but we have to acknowledge what he’s stringing together here for Fantasy Football.

We just might be out of the woods moving forward. (It was right there and I apologize for nothing)

Stock Down: Sony Michel – New England Patriots, RB

Do I have to talk about Sony Michel?

I do? Really?

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Sony Michel has been straight-up awful this season and everyone knows it.

He’s currently averaging a pedestrian 3.5 YPC and only has 6 touchdowns on the season. Three of those touchdowns came in one game against the Jets, but there’s a strong possibility that you didn’t even start him in that matchup.

He has absolutely destroyed your lineups week after week, whether you’ve been forced to play him or you’ve had to occupy a spot on your bench with him.

There’s really no way to explain Michel’s drop-off this season either. He looked great last year and was expected to build off of that performance in 2019, but things have not looked great for the second-year back out of Georgia.

Michel’s stock has never been lower and it’s hard to see it rising back up anytime soon.

Stock Up: Todd Gurley – Los Angeles Rams, RB

All season long, we’ve been wondering where 2018 Todd Gurley has been hiding.

We’ve seen a complete workhorse back be reduced to minimal carries and targets the entire season. It’s been extremely confusing trying to determine what the Rams have been doing with Gurley and if he was ever going to be the same again…

We have the answer; he’s back.

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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Gurley has now seen 42 carries in the last two games and is averaging 4.14 YPC, while adding two touchdowns in that time span.

It may have been rough owning Gurley in Dynasty over the course of the regular season, but Gurley’s showing up for people when it matters in the Fantasy Playoffs.

Stock Down: Alvin Kamara – New Orleans Saints, RB

Alvin Kamara came into the season with sky-high expectations.

We had a taste of what he could do with the majority of the touches in four games at the start of 2018 and that was what people believed 2019 would be like…

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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Unfortunately, that has not been the case this season.

While Kamara certainly hasn’t killed your lineups this season (he’s the RB13 on the season at the time of writing), he has not been what you’ve needed from a Dynasty perspective.

Many Dynasty owners built their rosters around Kamara and the belief that he would be a Top 3 option on the season.

Kamara simply hasn’t been what you’ve needed him to be. While he’s still a phenomenal running back, you’re not getting the production you need from him.

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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Stock Up: Austin Ekeler – Los Angeles Chargers, RB

What a year for Austin Ekeler.

Ekeler is currently the RB5 on the season and has been absolutely electric (no pun intended) any time he gets the ball in his hands.

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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With Melvin Gordon‘s contract situation still up in the air for this offseason, there’s a high probability the Chargers let Gordon go and move forward with Ekeler in a primary role next year.

While I don’t expect that to be a workhorse role due to his size, the Chargers could bring in a back in the NFL Draft to be a compliment to Ekeler.

Even if they don’t execute this plan exactly, we’ve seen Ekeler excel regardless.

Make no mistake about it, Ekeler’s good.

We do the work. You dominate your draft.

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