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2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
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Are you tired of coming in 6th place? If 2021 is the year you finally want to break through for a fantasy football championship, the 2021 Ultimate Draft Kit is staring you right in the face my friend. The information offered on the Fantasy Footballers podcast is just the beginning of preparing yourself to dominate this year.

The Ultimate Draft Kit comes packed with:

Check out all of the features listed and take that next step in 2021 with the best fantasy football draft kit on the market!

Don’t Sit in the Past… This is Always Updating

While magazines becoming quickly out of sync with the ever-changing nature of daily news in the NFL, the UDK is updated as a digital product every single day. If someone is traded or released or an earth-shattering injury takes place, the Ultimate Draft Kit is updated with the latest projections and statistical outlooks for each player. The situations for teams and how they affect one another are also updated.

When you head into your draft, be prepared with rankings that are live and with you ready to be your co-pilot for a fantasy football championship.

Player Rankings with Accuracy

It’s time to choose a site with a proven track record of winning. Winners of 30+ awards including the “Best Fantasy Podcast” and the “Best Sports Podcast” awards, The Fantasy Footballers are the ONLY site with multiple experts in the Top-10 for in-season and Top-10 for fantasy football rankings and are the single most accurate entity in the fantasy football space over the past five seasons.  This is accuracy and projections you can trust to win you a championship.

Player Profiles

The Footballers’ projections are in-depth season-long point projections and rankings for each player that are “statted-out” with precision. These projections ultimately will allow you the opportunity to identify tiers and scoring gaps between different players. Utilizing player tiers is a tried and true method and one of the best ways to draft. The Ultimate Draft Kit breaks every position (QB, RB, WR, TE) down into tiers that rank certain groups of players based on their point projections and different performance levels. It’s important to see that the RB15 is grouped in a different tier among the RBs than perhaps the WR15 and certainly the TE15. Maximizing the value you can find in drafts is essential to get the best caliber player at every position. The tier-based drafting method is one of the most popular draft-winning features found in the UDK.

For more on this subject, check out UDK Review: Tier-Based Drafting & the Thinking Behind It.

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

If you’d prefer to work with a traditional top-200 list, the Ballers also have that too! The player rankings and player profiles also come with the Footballers’ patented “risk ratings” which identify varying levels of concern such as injury history, volatility, and the unknowns that come with drafting them.

New Draft Analyzer Tool

Ok, so you finished your draft but to be honest, you’re nervous walking out of the draft room. Get concise and immediate feedback on how you drafted with the new draft analyzer tool in the Ultimate Draft Kit+.

Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer

For the Baller Analysis section, your team is thoroughly examined to dissect each player and how they make up your roster construction. We want to obviously have the best players in every single starting spot but the overall makeup, flexibility, and depth at each position matter just as much. Each team is assigned the following:

  • Difference Maker– The player that will carry your team the most and gives you a positional advantage.
  • Highest Risk– The player who carries the highest risk rating according to the Footballers’ projections.
  • Team Consistency– The reliability score for your starting lineup based on past performance
  • Baller Rank– The Footballer who likes your team the most based on his 2021 projections

Each team is also connected with the Footballers’ sleepers, breakout, busts, and values picks for 2021. It’s one thing to receive a grade and to show you where your team is strong or weak. What every single fantasy football manager needs to way forward because the season hasn’t even started yet! Injuries, poor performance, and poor in-season management can train wreck even the best teams with an A+ grade. After you’ve gobbled up all of the insights from your roster breakdown, Baller Analysis, and UDK nuggets, it’s time to develop a strategy and action plan to carry this thing out to a #FootClan championship.

The Action Plan portion of the Draft Analyzer allows you to decipher your biggest issues related to depth and weak starters. Leverage your roster and all of the insights so you can be active on the waiver wire or consider pivoting from a draft mistake.

Upgrade to the Ultimate Draft Kit+

Along with the draft analyzer, the Ultimate Draft Kit+ comes fully stocked with the brand new Dynasty Pass and the DFS Pass.

Brand new for 2021 is the Dynasty Pass included with the UDK+. Dynasty leagues are growing and rookie drafts are becoming a highlight of the summertime!  Get to know the new rookie class with this robust resource that features three separate updates, pre-combine, post-combine, and post NFL Draft. Dive into rankings, production models, mock drafts, and more!

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK


The Dynasty Pass comes fully loaded with a breakdown of every team’s opportunity, target shares, positional grades, and free agency outlook. The Rookie Mock Drafts are updated three times: before the combine, after workouts, and after the NFL draft. Check out where industry experts as well as Andy, Mike, and Jason take some of the most exciting rookies in this year’s class.

You also have access to dynasty startup rankings, find out production profiles of rookie prospects, and who are the biggest risers and fallers heading into the NFL Draft.

The DFS Pass allows you to prepare, strategize, and learn all the tips & tricks of taking down a tournament in DFS. If you want to be more informed and more equipped to be a successful, profitable player in 2021, the DFS Pass is full of difference-making articles, tools such as the Vegas reports, and the roster percentage outlook, as well as our lineup optimizer.

We had a number of subscribers win life-changing money last year and we want you to be part of that crew this year. Instead of a monthly subscription, start cashing weekly now at for a one-time-only purchase, the lowest price in the industry. 

UDK Mobile App

The mobile app just keeps getting better. We listened to your feedback and made some adjustments to make the app better than ever. A dedicated Ultimate Draft Kit app will let you access the UDK from anywhere. Get quick access on your mobile device to the best information in the industry.

Mobile Draft Kit App

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
Unlock the 2024 Ultimate Draft Kit!
Get the 2024 UDK

Have it handy mid-draft and dominate your league with this FREE addition to the UDK or UDK+ — included for all buyers. The app also comes featured with the latest news items, up-to-date projections, and upgrades every day.

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