NFL Week 3 Weather Conditions (Fantasy Football)

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It’s always been my philosophy that if you don’t talk about the weather that is usually a good thing. Thankfully, last weekend Mother Nature gave us nothing significant to talk about.

Sadly that is not the case this weekend. Tropical Storm Ophelia is (as of this writing) near the border of Virginia and North Carolina and will progress into Maryland on Sunday Morning. Check out below for what games will be impacted!

Remember – games in domes NOT listed!

Early Afternoon Games

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

HIGH impact.  This is our first game impacted by Tropical Storm Ophelia, as of now, expect rain and gusty winds into the low 20mph range. Additionally, with rain throughout the area, the field will likely have less than optimal conditions. There is some variability with the Tropical Storm track, so hopefully the impacts won’t be as bad.

Buffalo Bills @ Washington Commanders

HIGH impactAnother game that will be heavily impacted by Tropical Storm Ophelia. The DC area is already receiving quite a bit of rain, with that rain expected to stick around throughout the bulk of Sunday. I’m expecting very poor field conditions on Sunday. If I have a choice, I’m staying away from this game.

Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens

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HIGH impact. Our final game will be dealing with the Tropical Storm. Rain and increased winds will be the primary impacts throughout the majority of the game. If you start any players, know that this game will likely be a messy one!

Editor’s Note: For a deeper dive on the impact of weather, dive deep into Matt DiSorbo’s Whether Weather Really Matters.

Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins

MEDIUM impact. The weather impacts on this game depend entirely on where thunderstorms and rain showers pop up throughout the Miami area. If we get one that moves right over the stadium, then the rain would cause a good amount of issues on the field. However, even if one does move over, it would likely not last for too long.  High temp in the high 80s and winds in the high single digits.

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns

LOW impact. Winds will be in the high single digits with occasional gusts up to the low teens. High temps will be in the low 70s. Nothing impactful expected throughout the game.

New Orleans Saints @ Green Bay Packers

LOW impact. High temp for the day will be in the high 60s/low 70s, there are going to be some gusty winds during the game. Sustained winds will be in the low teens with gusts reaching as high as 19-21 mph, I really only see that potentially impacting kickers but even then the wind would have to blow JUST at the right time to impact a kick. Play with confidence!

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Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars 

LOW impact. Sunny, high temps in the in the low 90s with a light breeze from the Southeast. Start players with confidence.

Late Afternoon Games

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks 

MEDIUM impact. It’ll be a pretty wet day around Seattle, but assuming they close the stadium roof then nothing too substantial will impact the game. I’m bumping this up to a MEDIUM impact just due to the strong amounts of moisture throughout the area and the cooler temps expected (high temp in the mid-60s).

Chicago Bears @ Kansas City Chiefs 

LOW impact. There will be some storms earlier on in the day around Kansas City but those are expected to clear out fairly early in the afternoon. Winds in the high single digits and a high temp around 79 degrees, nothing to worry about during this game.

Monday Night Game(s!)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

MEDIUM impact. Isolated rain showers and some thunderstorms are going to be around the Tampa Bay area Monday night but overall it’s nothing to worry about too much. If one moves over the stadium, there will be some impacts but it won’t persist throughout the game. Temps at game time will be in the low 70s with winds less than 5mph.

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Los Angeles Rams @ Cincinnati Bengals

LOW impact. No impacts expected, temps will be in the low 60s with winds in the low single digits

Remember that weather, just like football, is a dynamic thing and can change!  Good luck!


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