Fantasy Football: SuperFlex Mock Draft for 2023

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The Fantasy Footballers’ writing staff recently participated in a SuperFlex mock draft to prep for the upcoming season. To goal was to walk the FootClan through a SuperFlex draft and give you variations of how you could attack this format. The Ultimate Draft Kit is outfitted with SuperFlex rankings but the nuance of drafting in these leagues can be a bit unsettling.

We personally do not recommend that people draft in SuperFlex leagues with a top-200 list. Don’t do it! Tier-based drafting is our company-wide approach and why we often hold off giving SuperFlex thoughts. Apart from this position added, 95% of your draft should be approached based on how to discuss any other draft: tiers. Top-200 lists and linear rankings can remove the principles of tier-based drafting but at the heart of thousands of people asking “where are your SuperFlex mocks?” is a desire for clarity. I get that.

The real questions people want to know: When should I take QBs? How should I value them rightly?”

As stated by many in the fantasy industry, the main change in a SuperFlex versus a 1QB league is the supply & demand. 75% of the NFL QBs will be starting in a 12-person SuperFlex league. You’ll hear everyone and their mama discuss how SuperFlex leagues create positional scarcity for the QB position. Effective rosters in Superflex leagues not only recognize the value of QBs but also the opportunity cost of not having one. This makes trading for QBs even harder. With the scarcity mentality, everyone is in the business of hoarding and playing it safe.

For more on SuperFlex Strategy, check out some of our recent articles on the subject:

SuperFlex Mock Draft

Here is the draft board for our Superflex writers’ mock draft with the following settings:

  • 12-team, 0.5 PPR
  • QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX, SFLEX, 5 BENCH

Here are a couple of my main takeaways:

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Ryan Belcourt says:

Tito, it is in there, just use the 2QB rankings. Pretty much the same thing.

Tito says:

I have the UDK, but I’m not seeing Superflex Rankings. A little help please!

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