Fantasy Football: Superflex League Draft Strategies

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This season Andy, Mike, and Jason finally gave in to all the pressure and added Superflex rankings to The Fantasy Footballers website. The rejoicing was palpable across the fantasy community. If you are just starting to spread your wings in the Superflex space or are experienced in the area, draft strategies differ for this type of league from your traditional redraft.

Before discussing Superflex draft strategies, we must differentiate between traditional redraft fantasy and Superflex leagues. In a traditional redraft league, the roster typically consists of a set number of starting positions for each position group, such as QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, a flex spot that can house an RB, WR, or TE, a kicker, and a DEF.

In a Superflex league, the most significant difference is adding a “SFLEX” spot and thus allowing managers to start a second QB alongside the regular positions in their lineup. It is not required to start a second QB – you can still start a WR, RB, or TE in that spot just as you would do in a traditional redraft league, but traditionally QBs are the highest-scoring position, so it makes sense to start one in the Superflex spot. Other differences might exist – I have seen Superflex leagues with TE premium (TE scoring is worth more) and different numbers of designated WR and RB spots, so before your draft, always familiarize yourself with the league rules and scoring.

Managing a team with the possibility of starting two QBs in any given week introduces a new level of strategy for managers, and the greater value of QBs leads to more diverse draft approaches than those used in one-QB leagues. Let’s break some of these approaches down.

Since QBs are valued so highly, the two main draft strategies center around them. Look, no one is going to tell you to wait completely on a QB in Superflex, and this isn’t your momma’s redraft league where you can grab a Kirk Cousins in the later rounds and stream the rest of the season. There simply are not enough players at the position. No one wants a Zach Wilson debacle. I cannot stress that enough.

Option 1

Leave your draft with two QBs drafted within the first three rounds. Your goal here is to get two QBs in the top 14. Whether or not you draft these two QBs in the first two rounds will be dictated by your league mates and your draft position. Remember to stay liquid, my friend. As a manager, you will have to decide where your QB line falls and where your tier break is.

At last count, there were 32 NFL teams, and therefore any given week, 32 starting QBs at the most. With the most common 12-team league being what fantasy managers play in, it isn’t challenging to do the math. If every manager wants to start two QBs, that’s 24 off the board immediately. I don’t know about you, but if I miss out on the top 24 QBs, I do NOT want to start the QBs that are left. The bottom drops out pretty quickly at this position.

To illustrate just how early this personal tier break might fall, let’s look at QB ADP data between one-QB leagues and two-QB leagues, taken from Fantasy Football Calculator. Remember, two-QB leagues require you two start two QBs, whereas a Superflex league gives you the option to do so. The data below is from 2022, and it shows just how much more valuable QBs become in Superflex.

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In a one-QB league, only four QBs were taken before the fifth round, and in two-QB leagues, fifteen were taken by that point. The landscape gets sparse very quickly.

2-QB League ADP – 2022

1.01 Josh Allen BUF
1.03 Justin Herbert LAC
1.05 Patrick Mahomes KC
1.08 Lamar Jackson BAL
1.12 Joe Burrow CIN
2.02 Kyler Murray ARI
2.02 Jalen Hurts PHI
2.06 Russell Wilson DEN
2.12 Tom Brady TB
3.03 Matthew Stafford LAR
3.04 Dak Prescott DAL
3.08 Trey Lance SF
3.08 Aaron Rodgers GB
3.12 Derek Carr LV
4.03 Kirk Cousins MIN

1-QB League ADP – 2022

2.1 Josh Allen BUF
3.1 Justin Herbert LAC
4.02 Patrick Mahomes KC
4.11 Lamar Jackson BAL
5.09 Kyler Murray ARI
5.1 Jalen Hurts PHI
6.08 Russell Wilson DEN
7.07 Dak Prescott DAL
7.1 Tom Brady TB
8.02 Matthew Stafford LAR
8.08 Trey Lance SF
8.12 Aaron Rodgers GB
9.07 Derek Carr LV
9.11 Kirk Cousins MIN
12.04 Justin Fields CHI

Back to the Captain Kirk reference – in a one-QB league, you were able to draft him at the end of the ninth round in 2022. In a Superflex league, he was gone at the beginning of the fourth.

Option 2

Draft your main QB in the first round, then take advantage of other managers picking up QBs to load up on other position players. You then circle back to grab a second QB. My friends, this is a dangerous dance – your second QB might be outside the top 15, but it can prove fruitful if you have a little luck. You can capitalize on other positions if you wait on QB for a few rounds. This is where your research will set you apart from your league mates. Identifying possible upside in later-round QBs during your draft prep allows you to somewhat confidently wait to draft your second QB while earning dividends in the way of a more elite pass catcher or RB.

Want to know what your options might be if you wait on that second QB? The chart below shows the ADP for RBs and WRs in two-QB leagues in 2022. If you do, in fact, choose to wait to draft that second QB, you would have had the ability to grab the likes of Saquon Barkley, Ja’Marr Chase, or CeeDee Lamb, depending on your draft position.

2024 Ultimate Draft Kit
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1.02 Jonathan Taylor IND
1.04 Christian McCaffrey SF
1.06 Austin Ekeler LAC
1.07 Derrick Henry TEN
1.11 Najee Harris PIT
1.11 Dalvin Cook MIN
2.04 Joe Mixon CIN
2.07 D’Andre Swift DET
2.08 Alvin Kamara NO
2.12 Aaron Jones GB
3.02 Nick Chubb CLE
3.03 Saquon Barkley NYG
3.08 Leonard Fournette TB
3.09 Javonte Williams DEN
4.04 Ezekiel Elliott DAL
4.05 James Conner ARI
4.09 Travis Etienne JAX
5.01 David Montgomery CHI
5.04 Cam Akers LAR
5.05 J.K. Dobbins BAL

Other Things to Remember

After you have your two starting QBs in your Superflex league, do not forget to go after a backup – someone there to start during a bye week or if one of your starting QBs goes down. This pick will feel gross, and that’s ok. Hopefully, you will never have to start the likes of Mac Jones or Baker Mayfield, but you feel a lot more comfortable in your team with them sitting on your bench. Also, do not ignore rookie QBs in Superflex leagues. In a one-QB league, there is no need to draft a rookie QB who looks to be a bench warmer for at least a few games while the veteran shows them the way. But, if there is any chance that that rookie could grab that starting job and not relinquish it – that QB should be rostered in Superflex. Playing in a Superflex league is a great way to mix up your fantasy football portfolio – good luck!


Jeffery Gauthier says:

Like what Ryan said above. 2 QB Flex Leagues need to be mentioned more. They are growing. My league which i have been in for a long while is a 2QB PPR IDP league. Starts 2QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1FLX 3LB 2DL 2DB 1K 1D/ST. Very intense draft day. PPR yet QB’s bring home the most points.

Co1e33 says:

I. have the 1.01 in our super flex and im stuck between Mahomes and Jalen Hurts (I am an eagles fan so its hard to not pick Jalen) I don’t know what to do

Jack beers says:

My league is superflex, but it seems like people don’t mind waiting to draft qb untill the first tier of skill positions are taken. Do I take advantage of drafting two top qbs with the risk of no tier oneRB/WR?

Kendall Wood says:

I would request that the addition of a flex league tab to the other tabs like DFS and best ball. We are not all gamblers but we still need information.

Jay Thornhill says:

Got the UDK as soon as I saw the Superflex rankings! Thanks for giving attention to this fun format.

Also would love to see more Auction Draft content please :)

Ryan says:

100% agree with the other comments. The experts do not discuss 2 QB or super flex drafts or leagues enough. A lot of us have been doing this for years and more are catching onto the fun of running a league this way! We use a 2 QB, 2 RB, 4 WR (TE’s are labeled as a WR – not enough quality TE’s to justify an independent position), and our drafts make a 1 QB draft seem like child’s play. Every position is valuable and that adds to the excitement of the draft.

Oscar says:

I agree with the above comment! More content on super flex leagues or 2QB leagues. I’ve been in one since ‘08 and have had to adjust rankings from UDK. I’ve gotten the title and plenty of top 3s but this year should be way better with more of this content!

Allan Romano says:

More superflex content!!! More discussion on the show! Been playing since 1994. It’s easily the most difficult to draft league style as the drafts are unpredictable.

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