Fantasy Football Saturday Mailbag for Week 13

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Welcome to this weekly mailbag series! This article will take selected questions from The Footballers’ Discord server that you can join here. In it, you can find a dedicated channel for start/sit questions, public fantasy advice, and a general channel for all things fantasy football. There are also exclusive channels only available to Footclan members. Discord members are great at answering questions and you never know when your questions will appear here.

The shelves are bare for TE streamers this week just when the playoffs are around the corner. Worse, we don’t know quite what to expect out of teams likely to undergo huge changes on offense due to murky QB situations and/or coaching changes. I, for one, might be breaking out a spinner to help figure out some of these waiver and start/sit decisions. Sometimes you have to be comfortable saying I don’t know. The good news is, your league mates are suffering just as much as you. Good luck this week!

Question #1 – Trades

Would you trade Kyren for Diggs? I have Josh Allen too. WRs: Jamar, Aiyuk, Addison, Hollywood. RBs: Bijan, Monty, Kyren, Ford, Warren – d11

Answer: I like the idea of rebalancing this team with a WR. RBs are deep, but Aiyuk is probably the only WR you can start with a few concerns. I chose this question because of the stacking detail between Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen.

Stacking is a great idea in certain fantasy football formats. The principle is to pair highly correlated players with each other such as Allen and Diggs. If Allen has a slate-breaking game, chances are pretty good Diggs also has a huge game. If they have a huge game, one or two WRs on the other team may also have a huge game, etc. This strategy makes a lot of sense in DFS or best-ball formats. I’m not sold on how great an idea it is in other formats like redraft and dynasty.

I’ve seen many teams that had stacked players from the same team in redraft leagues. If the manager chooses the wrong team to stack, their season is shot before it even starts. If they choose the right team, they could run over the rest of the league during the regular season. The problem in redraft or dynasty is the playoff structure. Where you can be playing against thousands in the other format and need that massive week, you only need to beat one team in redraft leagues, but you need to do that two or three weeks in a row. If your stacked players have a one-off week, your season is toast. Ever heard about those #1 scoring teams getting bounced in the first week of the playoffs? This is especially true with smaller starting lineups like redraft leagues on Yahoo where you start 1Qb, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1Flex, and 1TE (also a kicker and defense, but you get the idea.

It’s a personal choice, but I’d rather not stack if I’m not facing thousands of other teams. There is an exception for leagues with larger starting rosters. I’m in a SuperFlex dynasty league (named No Kickers, No Defense, No Problems btw) where we start 11 players. I have Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown, but even if they have a bad week, I have nine other players including another QB that can make up for it.

Question #2 – Trade

Out of these RBs, should I drop for Keaton Mitchell? CMC, Kamara, Najee, Breece, Charb, and Achane – 6-6 WITH A GOAT TEAM

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Answer: Speaking of balanced rosters. I’m not sure what the WRs are for this team or what the league settings are, but I’m guessing not great if you’re 6-6. I can almost guarantee you one of the problems is that this team consistently benches one of these RBs while inserting a weak WR, TE, and/or QB. If you ever get to the point where you’re deciding between options like this, look for a trade to fill in the gap. The time to trade one of these players would have been when Alvin Kamara came off of his suspension.

There are two problems now though. This is clearly a redraft league since Keaton Mitchell is available on waivers so the trade deadline has passed. The other problem is that the obvious RB to drop is Zach Charbonnet, but he just played on Thursday night so you probably can’t drop him.

Question #3 – Start/Sit

With Schultz out, do you like the upside of Brevin Jordan vs DEN over streaming Henry vs LAC, Conklin vs ATL, or Everett @NEP? 1/2 PPR – inappropriate Nickname

Answer: This is a pretty topical dilemma this week with TE options being very slim. In fact, I’m debating between Hunter Henry and Brevin Jordan in a dynasty league where I normally start T.J. Hockenson. I’m not trusting Gerald Everett, we have no idea what Joe Flacco will look like or what the game plan will be so Tyler Conklin is arguably the safest option but doesn’t offer much upside, Brevin Jordan is competing against Nico Collins, Tank Dell, and Devin Singletary, and Hunter Henry is the definition of hit and miss with a few big weeks but a lot of poor outings including a couple goose eggs. The Footballers have these TEs ranked: Everett, Conklin, Henry, and finally Jordan.

I’ve been staring at this for five minutes and changed my mind several times. Everett probably has the best shot of a touchdown, but I like the Hunter Henry revenge narrative against his old team. When targeted, he’s been pretty good. Henry is probably New England’s best pass-catching option although that isn’t saying much. Hopefully, whichever QB emerges from the toothless hydra of a QB room in New England is smart and targets Henry.

Question #4 – Start/Sit

Stevenson or Warren in a 1/2 PPR? Started Dallas D last night so not looking hot with playoff implications – inappropriate Nickname

Answer: Rhamondre Stevenson is a hot player in start/sit decisions. This is partially because of a slow start where we all forgot about him into a bit of a heater where he’s averaged 17.3 fantasy points in his last three games. If I need a 30-point game to chase down a playoff spot, I’m going with Jaylen Warren. Of the two, Warren is the one that I think can break off for a few huge plays and the matchup against Arizona should ensure plenty of opportunity for both Najee Harris and Warren. Good luck.

Question #5 – Redraft Strategy

Jakobi Meyers just hit waivers in my league, is he a better stash than rashee rice or george pickens? – johnbgone

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Answer: This hurts me to my core because I love George Pickens and his potential and it’s nice to see that offense showing sparks with Matt “Blame” Canada gone, but he’s too hit or miss and his hits aren’t even that huge. I also want to see how Rice develops in the Kansas City offense. He delivered for weeks with minimal targets and last week he turned 10 targets into eight receptions for 107 yards and a TD. If last week wasn’t a fluke and Rice has finally established himself atop the WR corps in Kansas City, he may be huge for your playoffs. I would pick up Jakobi Meyers and drop Pickens. Pickens is still someone I would like to have in dynasty.


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