Week 5 NFL Blind Spots and Sleepers

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Week 5 NFL DFS Sleepers

In case you’re new to this/me, this sleeper piece aims for contrarian/GPP players, but more importantly, it focuses on matchups to exploit using APA (Adjusted Points Allowed). APA is a metric that I created years ago, adjusting for the strength of opponent, etc. Obviously, facing Patrick Mahomes every game would inflate the points allowed versus seeing Eli Manning under center. APA does a quality job at evening out the strength of opponents to give you a true Fantasy points allowed average (+/- compared to positional league average).

As always, catch me @allinkid and keep reading to see my FanDuel DFS sleepers for Week 5.

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Adam M says:

couldn’t agree more. the bigger they’ve got the more and more UDK pushing and other stuff. this was 1st year I didn’t buy it. it’s too much and there’s knowledge all over the place – but I always enjoyed the pod so much that I used to put the cash down. Not having any articles basically on here with paying is kind of absurd and a slap to the audience who made them get where they are today honestly

JaredR325 says:

Hey Mr. Bong – not an employee but I can tell you that the Blind Spot and Sleeper article is exclusive content for the DFS Pass subscription. It does contain analytics to help give an edge in DFS lineup selection so we’re paying for an edge to win $$$. I agree maybe they could hide subscription articles like this one from view for non-subscribers so it’s not a tease. But all in all, I think it’s fair to say this article is beyond casual play interest.

Bill Bong says:

Hey footy footy footballers,

I have enjoyed your content for some time now and always turn to you guys when I need good information. However, I am seeing more and more articles hitting this paywall to read. I thought the whole reason you started this podcast/website was to inform people about “blind spots and sleepers.” I understand paying for the ultimate draft kit and other super analytical items however articles are mostly opinion based. Unless this article goes into your own deep analytical review as to why these people are sleepers or hidden gems then I do not believe us casual players should have to pay to read it. I just wanted to share my thoughts, thanks.

Mr. Bong

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