NFL DFS WR vs. CB Matchups to Exploit in Week 10 (Fantasy Football)

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There’s never a better time to integrate specific WR/CB matchups into your DFS process. While this is only a piece of the puzzle, this tool allows you to better value ceiling-type plays for elite WRs and who can run circles around their opponent.

I break up this WR/CB article into a couple of categories: Alpha WRs, Slot Mavens, Discount Target Specials, and Full-On Fades. The goal is to go from the top-tier stars to move down to bargain WRs with excellent matchups. As always, make sure you use the tools found in the DFS Pass such as the Value Comparison and Buzz Report to discern which WR would be best in cash and tournament lineup builds.

Alpha WRs

Davante Adams will hopefully have his runningmate back with him this week immunized and all. I’ve detailed how the Rodgers + Adams stack has yet to hit a 60-point combined ceiling this year. For tournaments, that is the type of production you are looking for at their salaries. Adams is a bit underpriced ($7,900-DK) this week compared to his role in this offense. With no Cooper Kupp on the slate, Adams’ 35 percent target share stands far above all the other peasants. He’s a beast and the 14 targets last week with Jordan Love fail to share the full story. This guy is due for some insane positive TD regression. Last year, he averaged a TD every EIGHT targets! This year it’s been every 29 targets. His usage (LWR-41%, SWR-29%, RWR-30%) in the slot is not near what they schemed last year. Regardless, while CB Tre Brown has held his own in his three games played and RCB D.J. Reed Jr. is being targeted more than any other player among the Seahawks secondary, both are a good three inches shorter than Adams.

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