NFL DFS Vegas Report for Week 2 (Fantasy Football)

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NFL DFS tournaments are all about finding ceiling performance from players in our lineup. In order to maximize upside and correlation, we can use Vegas totals and game lines to help us identify game environments that may help produce these ceiling performances we’re looking for in GPPs. The goal of this article each week is to identify which games are most likely to provide the scoring environment we’re looking for in order to build game stacks in DFS. Similarly, this article will look at games that may either disappoint or are less likely to result in fantasy success.

On the surface, it sounds simple, but there’s more to this process than simply logging into a sportsbook and picking the games with the highest total. We need to be conscious of which games are likely to be most popular for DFS, which may be undervalued, and those that have more downside than the market perceives.

Note: Lines Taken Below From DraftKings Sportsbook and Accurate at Time of Publishing

Top 5 Team Implied Totals in Week 1

Fantasy points are most strongly correlated to team implied totals (how many points Vegas expects each team to score). As a result, it makes sense to look at players from the following teams, especially in cash games. This does not necessarily mean these are automatically the best games to stack in tournaments. More on that soon.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32) vs. Atlanta Falcons

2. Cleveland Browns (30.25) vs. Houston Texans

3. Los Angeles Chargers (29.25) vs. Dallas Cowboys

4. Seattle Seahawks (29.25) vs. Tennessee Titans

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5. Arizona Cardinals (27.75) vs. Minnesota Vikings

Bottom 5 Team Implied Totals in Week 1

Given the strong correlation between implied totals and fantasy success, players on the following teams could consider being faded, especially if they are likely to carry elevated roster percentage in tournaments. In cash games, it likely makes the most sense to look elsewhere.

1. Houston Texans (17.25) @ Cleveland Browns

2. New York Jets (18.75) vs. New England Patriots

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (19.5) vs. Denver Broncos

4. Atlanta Falcons (20.0) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5. Carolina Panthers (20.3) vs. New Orleans Saints

Popular Game Stacks

Dallas Cowboys @ Los Angeles Chargers, LAC -3, O/U: 55.0

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