NFL DFS Tournament Takes: Week 2 (Fantasy Footballl)

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Footclan, it is an absolute honor and privilege to be able to share my tournament thoughts with you on a weekly basis this season. My goal is to give you an extra resource to use when creating your lineups. I usually play 1 or 2 hand-built lineups every week and I’ve had much success in my career playing that way.

In Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season, I won the Milly Maker and several other 6 figure contests on DraftKings. I’ve also been to five live finals where I have competed against some of the best players in the industry. I’m so excited to be able to help you gain an advantage and win some big money this year!

Last week I ended up profiting over $90,000 and securing my first seat in the Fantasy Football World Championship in December! While that was a great start to the season, each week presents its own challenges, and we must move forward methodically.

Tournament Takes

Each week I’ll discuss my favorite stacks to utilize in large-field tournaments, ways to gain leverage on the field, and any other slate-specific thoughts.

Slate-Specific Thoughts

Now that we have seen all 32 teams in action, it should be a little easier to comb through all the data. We don’t want to rely too much on the results of week 1, but we need to be mindful of it. With that said, this week looks like last week in that there isn’t much that pops out to me. There are a few games on my radar, but only a couple that truly stand out as potential shootouts.

Game of the week – Chiefs @ Jaguars

This game just screams shootout to me. The Chiefs offense struggled without Travis Kelce on the field in Week 1, but good news for Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, Kelce will be active for this week’s showdown in Jacksonville. If I’m playing one lineup, I’m going all in one this game. If I’m playing multiple lineups, I would definitely find a way to incorporate this high-flying matchup somehow. The Chiefs are a little bit more predictable in that we know Travis Kelce is going to dominate. But for the Jags, there are so many options to choose from. You’ve got your high end, more popular plays in Calvin Ridley $7,200 and Travis Etienne $6,900. And then you’ve got your lower priced, but not forgotten options in Christian Kirk, Zay Jones and Evan Engram. The Jags aren’t the easiest team to stack because there’s so many options, but I think we’ll probably regret it if we don’t have at least one or two of these guys. We’ll talk more about this game shortly.

Tier 2:

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  • Seahawks @ Lions
  • Ravens @ Bengals
  • Chargers @ Titans

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