NFL DFS First Look at Salaries & Matchups for Super Bowl LVII

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Player pricing on the major DFS platforms is available to us well before we even start our process of building lineups and allows us to identify the inefficiencies, a tool within the toolbelt of someone who wants to win consistently in DFS. For the complete list of DraftKings and FanDuel prices, check out this week’s DFS rankings found in the Ultimate DFS Pass.

Make sure you listen to this week’s Fantasy Footballers DFS Podcast out today: DFS Super Bowl Preview, Best Bets + Showdown Strategy!

Showdown Strategy Thoughts

Betz and I spent an entire DFS episode leading up to this week refreshing some of the game theory behind Showdown slates. Playing a Showdown slate is incredibly different than the DFS you have likely been soaking up for the 2022 season.

What site am I playing on? DraftKings “captain spot” operates on a premium salary basis by multiplying the player’s salary times 1.5 and their fantasy points by 1.5. On FanDuel, the “MVP” spot only is a point multiplier. Thus, we can’t always compare apples to apples across both sites. There is an opportunity cost playing Travis Kelce at $15,900 on DK knowing you likely will have to find a cheap option somewhere on your roster. However, on FanDuel, it is just a straight salary game and finding the highest points per dollar.

Do I need to look at positions? Because Showdown slates deal with every single player as a FLEX, it can be easy to disregard traditional position allocation in DFS. Theoretically, you could have Patrick Mahomes with three WRs and not even think twice about it. But the combinations are endless despite only having to fulfill six spots.

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