How To Dominate the Wide Receiver Position In DFS

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With overall pass volume¬†continually trending upward in the NFL, there are more relevant Wide Receivers than ever before. Specifically, three or more WR sets have continued to increase, making even a decent amount of team WR3s relevant in fantasy. Therefore, in a specific week for DFS purposes, it’s tough to predict which WRs are going to go off. Yet, on main DFS sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings, you have to start at least three of them and PPR scoring is utilized in at least some way. Clearly hitting on our WRs is vital in DFS so how should we attack it? Let’s dive in:

Get In a Contrarian Mindset: Embrace Variance and Volatility

This is mainly a concept for tournaments but it absolutely can be applied to cash games as well (more on what data points to utilize in both formats later in the article). I’m going to repeat something I wrote in the How To Dominate the Running Back Position in DFS article because I believe it is that important:¬†With the inherent high amount of year-to-year and especially week-to-week variance in the NFL due to small sample sizes for teams and players of only 16 regular season games over a full year, accurately predicting who will dominate the fantasy football player pool on a weekly basis is no small task.

So we know every player is at risk of suffering from the variance. However, pass catchers, and specifically, WRs tend to be the most volatile and subject to the most variance due to the nature of their position. Mainly, it just comes down to WRs receiving fewer opportunities than QBs and RBs on a weekly basis.

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