DFS WR vs CB Matchups to Monitor in Week 3

An often underutilized concept in Daily Fantasy Football is to identify the specific wide receiver and cornerback matchups that might take place during a contest. Most of the public will look at team defense and what they allow to the position and then go with the better wide receiver targets. However, I personally believe that team stats highlight the fact that we need to dig deeper. It’s like a notification ping telling me to investigate this for possible prosperity. When I see this, I am going to dive a bit deeper into exactly what type of receiver, or what type of matchup a receiver might have against the opposing defensive back group.

This is next-level stuff so get your hard hat on. It’s time to go to work and get paid!

Money Making Time

Randall Cobb has a great opportunity in Week 3 for two reasons. First, Michael Gallup is set to miss some time which potentially means a few more targets will head Cobb’s way. The other reason is likely a more important one.

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