DFS First Look Pricing for Super Bowl LV

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(Cue the music…) It’s the final countdown!

Let’s get a jump start on the competition for the final time this season and take down a tournament and gain that edge in cash lineups.

Player pricing on the major DFS platforms is available to us well before we even start our process of building lineups and allows us to identify the inefficiencies, a tool within the toolbelt of someone who wants to win consistently in DFS. For the complete list of DraftKings and FanDuel prices, check out this week’s DFS rankings found in the Ultimate DFS Pass.

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Overarching Thoughts

Playing a Showdown slate is incredibly different than the DFS you have likely been soaking up for the 2020 season.

What site am I playing on? DraftKings “captain spot” operates on a premium salary basis multiplying the player’s salary times 1.5 and their fantasy points by 1.5. On FanDuel, the “MVP” spot only is a points multiplier. Thus, we can’t always compare apples to apples across both sites. There is an opportunity cost playing Patrick Mahomes at $18,000 on DK knowing you likely will have to find a cheap option somewhere on your roster. However, on Fanduel, it is just a straight salary game and finding the highest points per dollar.

Do I need to look at positions? Because Showdown slates deal with every single player as a FLEX, it can be easy to disregard traditional position allocation in DFS. Theoretically, you could have Patrick Mahomes with three WRs and not even think twice about it. But the combinations are endless despite only having to fulfill six spots.

Who is your captain? Guess this right, and you my friends have simply opened the first door to taking down a tournament. The multiplier of 1.5 tells a partial story as roster percentages need to be taken into account. Here is a rough projection of what historically DraftKings Showdown games like this one look like:

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  • QB- 60+ percent
  • RB1- 20 percent
  • RB2- < 5 percent
  • WR1- 10-15 percent
  • WR2- < 3 percent
  • TE- < 3 percent
  • DEF- < 5 percent

Notice that TE is usually a contrarian position for Showdown slates but Travis Kelce looks locked-in behind Patrick Mahomes as the 2nd or 3rd most popular option with Tom Brady. The WR1 option is where you gain the most leverage and one of my favorite spots to attack on Showdown slates especially on a full PPR site with bonuses like DraftKings.

What type of game script are you running with? I will discuss all the different outcomes in the Pace of Play article coming out on Wednesday.

Player DraftKings DK CPT FanDuel
Patrick Mahomes 12000 18000 16500
Tom Brady 10000 15000 15000
Leonard Fournette 7800 11700 12500
Clyde Edwards-Helaire 7000 10500 10000
Darrel Williams 5200 7800 9000
Ronald Jones II 2200 3300 8000
Le’Veon Bell 800 6000
LeSean McCoy 600 5500
Tyreek Hill 10400 15600 14000
Mike Evans 8400 12600 11500
Chris Godwin 8800 13200 12000
Antonio Brown 6200 9300 9500
Mecole Hardman 5600 8400 7500
Sammy Watkins 4200 7500
Demarcus Robinson 1400 5500
Scotty Miller 3400 5100 6500
Byron Pringle 1800 6000
Tyler Johnson 1200 5500
Justin Watson 1000 5000
Travis Kelce 11000 16500 14500
Rob Gronkowski 3000 4500 6500
Cameron Brate 4800 7200 7000
Kansas City Chiefs 2800 3900
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2600 4200
Harrison Butker 4000 6000 8500
Ryan Succop 3800 5700 8500
Five Initial Thoughts on Pricing

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