Historical Accuracy

Accuracy — With a purpose.

The Fantasy Footballers podcast has been one of the most accurate brands when measured by Fantasy Pros ECR / Historical rankings, including the most consistently accurate brand over a 5+ year period when measured by total number of experts inside the top 20 in both draft and in-season rankings.  

In 2021 we made the philosophical decision to stop submitting rankings to the Fantasy Pros system.  We did this for two primary reasons.  One, we wanted to focus on what we believe is tangibly impactful for the end user, not winning a contest or accuracy competition based on set standards by a third-party / consensus.  Secondly, we wanted to move our weekly rankings to our site exclusively.  We provide more context locally to why and how we rank players and wanted to maintain brand integrity with rankings localized to our own site. 

Historical Accuracy Highlights by Fantasy Footballers Experts prior to departing FP :

Andy Holloway – #7 (In-Season)
Jason Moore – #18 (In-Season)
Mike Wright – #16 (Draft)
Mike Wright – #23 (In-Season)

Jason Moore – #6 (In-Season)
Jason Moore – #13 (Draft)
Andy Holloway- #11 (In-Season)
Andy Holloway -#22 (Draft)
Mike Wright – #20 (In-Season)

Andy Holloway – #5 (In-Season)
Andy Holloway – #12 (Draft)
Jason Moore – #9 (In-Season)
Mike Wright – #19 (In-Season)

Jason Moore – #3 (Draft) 
Jason Moore – #14 (In-Season)
Mike Wright – #9 (Draft)
Andy Holloway – #11 (In-Season)

Jason Moore – #22 (In-Season)