Megalabowl Rules & Regulations

Megalabowl Rules:

Commissioner Contact:

Email: [email protected]

Sleeper: MegalAdmin


-Players will pick from predefined slate of draft times, you will be placed into a league 1 hour before draft time, these are the ONLY draft times available.

-Once you join the Megalabowl you will be placed in a draft queue, this will show up above your leagues on the Sleeper App and you will receive a message from Sleeper. If you do not have these, you did not join correctly.

-2 minute pick clock

-16 round snake draft

Basic Rules

-12 team league

-Start: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 D/ST

-Bench: 7 players, 1 IR

-Trading encouraged and heavily monitored

-Trade Deadline is WEEK 9!

-Waivers: $100 Blind Bidding

-Waivers LOCKED in playoffs. No ADDS will be allowed




If you violate any of the following infractions MORE THAN ONCE your team will be replaced. NO exceptions will be made, NO warning will be made. If you see any owner makes this infraction, please reach out to Megalabowl Commissioner.

-There is no player in starting lineup spot

-Player on BYE started

-Player started who is listed as OUT on the Sleeper platform BEFORE game start


If any owner is determined to be guilty of collusion via trade, lineup manipulation, waiver manipulation ANY owner involved in colluding will immediately be removed from the league and be banned from future participation. Collusion will be determined by the Megalabowl Commissioner and involved parties.


Getting in to playoffs

-Top 3 in division (12 team league)

Week 11: Top 50% Move on

Week 12: Top 50% Move on

Week 13: Top 50% Move on

Week 14: Top 40% Move on

Week 15: Top 40% Move on

Week 16: Championship