ESPN $20 leaguesafe dynasty

  • January 3, 2017 at 5:50 pm #35369


    Need you to download Kik messenger and add me fantasydoc. (Including the full stop) ASAP before start of playoffs or will be no more space

    12 Teams
    0.5 Point Per Reception
    1 Quarterback
    2 Running Backs
    2 Wide Receivers
    1 Tight End
    1 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
    1 Defense / Special Teams
    1 Kicker
    5 Bench Spots
    2 Injured Reserved Spots
    FAAB Waiver system

    12 teams split into no divisions, just top 6 teams with best record into playoffs.

    • Lineup Changes: Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime
    • Season Acquisition Limit: No limit!
    • Waiver system: Free Agent Auction (Continuous) with $100 as the budget
    • FAAB Tiebreaker: Resets each week to inverse order of standings
    • Trade Limit: No Limit
    • Trade Deadline: Week 9
    • Playoffs: 6 Teams (3 rounds, 2 Byes) from weeks 14-16

    $20 buy in on league safe

    Fees will be handled through and it will be a $20 buy in each year. However, we only want committed people in this league so the first year (2017 season) we will have a $40 buy in that covers the first two years then $20 the next year (2018 season) so payments are always one year ahead so people don’t pull out because of one bad year etc. All payouts through leaguesafe (if you haven’t used it before) have to be approved so I as the commish can’t just run away with the money or give unfair payouts. Payouts (on a per season basis) will be as follows:
    Total fees = ($20 x 12 teams) = $240
    $10 each week to highest scorer
    $80 to winner
    $30 to runner up

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