Sponsors & Discount Codes Directory

Here’s a list of our sponsors and the discounts they provide to our listeners. We update this list periodically, and if you see something that no longer works please let us know.

  • Discounts on Footballers Gear

    All fans of the show over at JoinTheFoot.com receive exclusive coupons for money off of ShopBallers.com, UltimateDraftKit.com, and the DFSpass.com. So be sure to check out all the perks over at JoinTheFoot.com

  • Fantasy Champs

    The BEST championship trophies, rings, belts in the world. Celebrate your #FootClanTitle and use promo code “ballers” to save 10% off your entire order. Make your leaguemates remember your victory at FantasyChamps.com

  • PristineAuction.com

    The best signed sports memorabilia site! Make a free account and use the code “ballers” for $10 towards your first purchase at PristineAuction.com

  • Harry's

    Harry’s razors are the highest quality blades and you can get a free trial by going to Harrys.com/Footballer

  • SeatGeek - Promo Code: BALLERS

    Use the promo code “ballers” to get money back on your first ticket purchase over at SeatGeek.com

  • Hello Fresh

    Sign up for the best fresh food delivery service at HelloFresh.com

  • Omaha Steaks

    Use promo code “FOOTBALLERS” in the search bar for an amazing deal at OmahaSteaks.com

  • eero

    Improve your home Wifi signal with eero. Use offer code FOOTBALLERS during checkout at eero.com

  • Theragun

    Try Theragun risk-free for 30 days theragun.com/footballers