Sponsors & Discount Codes Directory

This is an alphabetized active directory of of our sponsors and the discounts they provide to our listeners. We update this list periodically, and if you see something that no longer works please let us know.

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    ba - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    BlueApron.com - Promo: BlueApron.com/ballers

    One of our favorite sponsors, with healthy, affordable, home-delivered meals you make and are happy you made! Click here to visit BlueApron.com/ballers

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    screen shot 2014 02 25 at 10 54 10 am - Sponsors & Discount Codes


    Andy’s favorite mattress and a supporter of the show, Casper is the best mattress available online! Check out Casper.com/footballers

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    mEIJmZLH 400x400 - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    ClarkToys.com - Promo: ballers25

    Take advantage of an awesome deal from our friends at ClarkToys.com, can even Use coupon code on sale items for up to 70% OFF Check out ClarkToys.com

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    draft - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    Draft - PlayDraft.com

    Sign up with draft and use the code BALLERS to be placed into a league with us! Download at PlayDraft.com/ballers

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    fanduel 2 - Sponsors & Discount Codes


    Are you looking to sign up for FanDuel? FanDuel always has a special deal going on just for our listeners, so check it out by clicking the link below and playing some daily fantasy sports! Click here to sign up with FanDuel and receive free entries!

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    fandings - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    Fandings.com - Promo Code: footballers

    What’s better than debating with thousands of sports fans? You can catch the Fandings.com debate of the week each week on the show and grab the app right now from your app store! Get the Fandings App

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    fivefour - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    FiveFourClub.com - Promo Code: ballers

    Why dress yourself when FiveFourClub.com will do it for you and actually make you look decent. Use the promo code "ballers" when you sign up

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    footballhaul - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    FootballHaul.com - Promo Code: ballers5

    One of our core sponsors, FootballHaul.com is an innovative monthly subscription box jam packed with NFL gear, delivered straight to your door monthly at an outrageous value. Subscribe now with the code Ballers5

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    apple touch icon - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    Head2Head Sports - Promo Code: footballers

    In business for 22+ years, Head2Head represents the best place to play season long fantasy sports for cash! Head over to Head2Head Sports!

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    indochino custom menswear logo - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    Indochino - Promo Code: footballers

    Indochino is re-inventing men’s fashion, and a made to measure suit is the best suit you will ever own, so SUIT UP. Check out IndoChino!

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    omaha - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    Omaha Steaks

    We have an amazing offer from Omaha Steaks you can bite into, just enter “FANTASY” in the search bar at OmahaSteaks.com or click below. Check out Omaha Steaks!

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    pristine - Sponsors & Discount Codes


    Head over to PristineAuction.com and find the absolute best deals in sports memorabilia. When you register a free account be sure to let them know the Footballers sent you! Click here to visit PristineAuction.com

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    sg - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    SeatGeek - Promo Code: footballers

    Use the promo code when you sign up with our favorite ticketing app! Get the FREE SeatGeek app today and get $20 back with our code!

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    200 - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    Discounts on Footballers Gear

    Every member of our official fantasy football community saves on every product we release, all our shirts and gear, and gets a ton of extra benefits. Click here to Join the #FootClan!

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    amazon - Sponsors & Discount Codes

    Shop at Amazon?

    If you shop with Amazon and would love to support our independent podcast, consider bookmarking and using our Amazon link to do your normal shopping! Shop using Bitly.com/shopballers and support the show