Commissioner Guide: Why Superflex Will Become the Default Format (Fantasy Football)

The game of Fantasy Football is constantly evolving. There are clear points on the Fantasy Football timeline that stand out as distinct changes to the central format of the game. As the game grew and technologies evolved, these changes began as ways to improve the game and eventually became the “standard” that most leagues follow. […]

Commissioner Guide: Increase Engagement with a Themed League (Fantasy Football)

Inactivity is one of the leading causes of owners to leave a league or for leagues to fold. As more and more owners join multiple leagues each year, they will inevitably exceed their personal threshold and need to scale back. The leagues they select as their least favorite and worthy of eliminating will most likely […]

Commissioner Guide: What Type of League are YOU Running? (Fantasy Football)

I’m going to burst your bubble right upfront. This is not an article focused on Redraft, Keeper or Dynasty. This article is going to serve as a guide for you, the person assigned to the often thankless job of being the commissioner of your fantasy league. To be a successful and respected commissioner, it’s your […]

Commissioner Guide: PPR Leagues Should Require Three Starting WRs (Fantasy Football)

The off-season is both a time to reflect on the previous season and prepare for the upcoming season. Every year, most of the millions of fantasy owners go into a mini fantasy hibernation, but for the seasoned fantasy commissioner, the off-season is the time to reflect on what worked in previous seasons and begin to […]

Five Rules Every Fantasy Football Commissioner Should Follow

Running a fantasy league is a whole lot of fun, but it’s also more work than people realize. If you make the decision to put on the commissioner hat for the first time it’s typically because your friends, family or coworkers are interested in playing and look to you to kick things off. The good […]

Fantasy Football: Listener Mailbag Questions from the Commissioner’s Desk

The Fantasy Footballers “Mailbag” segment of the podcast is one of the most popular parts for the listeners. Andy, Mike, and Jason receive so many listener questions that many simply cannot make it onto the show. Some of the most common questions revolve around being a fantasy football commissioner and running successful leagues. I’ve written […]

Fantasy Football Commissioner: A Dynasty League’s Three Most Important Settings

Dynasty leagues are one of the most exciting league formats for fantasy owners who want a new challenge beyond the typical redraft or keeper leagues. In a dynasty league, your roster carries over with you from year-to-year, making your core group of players from the initial draft extremely important. Dynasty leagues also add in the […]

Fantasy Football: The Commissioner’s Guide to 2019 League Adjustments

Welcome back! (although I know some of you never left!) For many people, especially fantasy football commissioners, there is little to no off-season anymore. Things may slow down, but there is always something to do. As the 2018 season came to a conclusion, many owners were clamoring for ways to reduce the luck involved in […]

Fantasy Football Commissioner: Rules to Eliminate From Your League

Nothing derails a great fantasy league quicker than a terrible rule. Some of them started off well-intentioned, but when you step back and take a wider look, most of them are preventing owners from enjoying the best parts of fantasy football. During the recent Fantasy Footballers’ LIVE! show in Minneapolis, Andy, Mike, and Jason covered […]

Fantasy Football: The Commissioner’s Guide to League Formats

If you’re thinking of starting and commissioning a fantasy football league, but are overwhelmed by all the different formats, settings, and styles, welcome to this nifty guide! We’ll go through just about every major format decision facing a new commissioner and help you decide what works best for you! If you’re an everyman league member […]

Fantasy Football Commissioner: The Importance of Written Rules

Collusion! Conspiracy! Favoritism! Shenanigans! Every season many great Fantasy Football leagues fail. Sometimes the simplest rule-related issue can derail a league, while other times a completely ridiculous reason is the downfall. We’ve all heard the horror stories of rogue commissioners changing rules mid-season, tweaking playoff settings in Week 13, to the benefit of one and […]

Show After The Show – Ep. #189 – Commissioner Roger Goodell

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How to Value TEs in TE-Premium Leagues (Fantasy Football)

One of my favorite things about fantasy football is that there are a ton of different scoring settings – single QB, Superflex leagues, dynasty leagues, full PPR, half PPR, points per first down, etc. etc. It allows commissioners to be creative and think outside the box to make the league as fun as possible. If […]